Schizandra Berry 10:1 Concentrated Extract Powder

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Schizandra Berry is widely used to promote healthy skin, detoxify the liver, and benefit all systems of the body.

Schisandra Berry

(Wu Wei Zi)

10:1 Concentrated Extract Powder – 2oz

Schizandra Berry, or Wu Wei Zi has been used for thousands of years to promote the health of the skin, cleanse the liver, improve cognitive function and reduce stress.

Schizandra grows mainly in China, with those grown in the Northern Regions believed to be the most powerful (Schisandra Chinensis). 

It is believed in Chinese folklore that Schisandra can “calm the heart and quiet the spirit”

What is Schisandra (Wu Wei Zi)?

Schizandra is a woody vine which contains tiny red berries, which are collected late in the year when the fruits mature. 

Schizandra Berry is believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine to be the most complete herb, possessing all five natural flavors, sour, bitter, sweet, salty, and spicy. 

Schizandra translates to Wu Wei Zi, which means “Fruit of Five Flavors.” Chinese herbalism professes that all foods have one or several of the five flavors, which each have their own benefit to the body. Schizandra, however, contains all five. 


The Benefits Of Schizandra Berry

Schizandra has widely been used to promote the health of the skin, improve concentration and alertness.

Indeed, Schizandra has been used to rejuvenate the skin,  as it is believed to be a natural astringent which protects the skin from outside harm. 

Participants who consumed Schizandra in the 1950′s showed increased concentration, finer coordination, increased sensitivity and greater endurance.

Perhaps the most well known benefit of Schizandra is its ability to gently cleanse and detoxify the liver. 

How Our Schisandra (Wu Wei Zi) Extract Is Prepared

Our Schisandra is a 10:1 concentrated extract, meaning over TEN POUNDS of whole Schisandra Berries have been carefully concentrated into one pound of extract .

Our Schizandra extract is NOT bright red, as some on the market. These products are usually extracted via COLD water extraction which gives off a different end colour.  We use hot water extraction, which in no way devalues any of the beneficial components of this wonderful herb.  Both methods yield a high quality schizandra product. At this moment in time, we choose to extract via hot water. 

Supplement Facts:

Ingredients: Premium Schizandra (Schisandra chinensis) 10:1 Concentrated extract powder

Concentration: 10:1

Directions: 1/2 – 1 teaspoon taken alone, or added to your favourite elixirs, teas, coffee, or smoothies.

What Our Customers Are Saying
From Alex S-California

Schizandra has been one of my all-time favorite herbs since I began using it half a year ago. After looking for an easy alternative to preparing tea made from dried schizandra berries, I stumbled upon the Hybrid Herbs extract and have been using it since. My favorite thing about Schizandra are it’s health benefits, there are so many of them. Here are the ones i’ve enjoyed and noticed the most:

  • It’s very versatile. I can take it in the morning and It will give me an energy boost throughout the day, and if I take it at night it calms me and sets me into a restful slumber.
  • It helps with focus. As a college student, I use schizandra as a study aid, and it helps me stay focused and be put in the mood to get my work done
  • It really is a great beauty tonic. After a couple of months my skin had improved unimaginably. I didn’t even have bad skin to begin with, but now its very supple and smooth, and has this glow that i’ve never had before. This was like a bonus benefit that I really wasn’t expecting.
  • - Lastly, I love to use schizandra pre-workout at the gym, it has a subtle energizing effect and increases my stamina throughout my workouts and there’s no crash like after drinking too much caffeine.

The schizandra extract is so wonderful, thank you!”


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