Organic Taiwanese Oolong Mountain Tea 100g

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3.50 Ounces

Tawainese Oolong Mountain Tea
Organic and Roasted-From The High Mountains Of Taiwan - 100g


We are delighted to bring you The Highest Quality, Organic and Premium Oolong Tea direct from the High Mountains of Taiwan. Teas of this quality, and those of which are organic are extremely hard to come by, and are viewed as rare and precious in Taiwan, hence the pricing.

Why Choose Our Oolong Tea?

  • High level of exposure to the sun, moon and mountain climate - leaving a unique aroma and flavour
  • Grown in High Altitudes over 1000 metres above sea level.
  • Mountain Oolong Teas production are extremely rare and valuable. 
  • Taiwan is the home to the most famous Oolong Teas in the world with teas grown here unrivaled in terms of growing conditions, taste and quality.
  • Honey, almost fruity-like roasted finish and taste. This leaves a delicious, refreshing, uplifting and unique tea. 
  • Provides multiple steeps from the same leaves of up to 7 times

What Is Oolong Tea?


Oolong Tea, also known as "Wulong" or "The Black Dragon Tea", comes from the same plant where all teas are made, Camellia Sinsensis. Oolong Tea is believed to fall between Green and Black teas, but contains its own unique characteristics. With Oolong, the leaves are picked and then bruised by shaking and then left to dry, removing any bitterness and enhancing the flavour of the tea.

Oolong Tea is partially fermented, and has a beautiful, full bodied taste. It is extremely popular around the world, especially in Asia, where it is regularly enjoyed in tea ceremonies to enhance concentration, alertness, health and well-being.

The Legend Of Oolong Tea

The Legend goes that one day a Mr Wu Liang was out searching for tea. After finding some in the mountains, he quickly became distracted by a river deer, and forgot to dry the tea. After awakening, he found that the tea had become fermented and changed colour. Rather than throwing it away and wasting it, he decided to consume some anyway. To his delight, the tea was delicious and completely different to anything he had consumed before. Mr Liang told all of his friends in the province how to make the tea, and it was named Wu Liang Tea. Ooolong was born. 

Supplement Facts

Ingredients: Taiwanese Roasted Oolong Mountain Tea, Direct From Taiwan (Organic)

Other Ingredients: None

How To Consume Simply add 1 teaspoon to hot, pure water, and let it simmer for 1-2 minutes and consume. As our Oolong Tea is of the very highest quality, it can be steeped several times from the same leaves. It is believed that with each brew of High Quality Oolong, the tea actually improves. The recommended amount of rebrewing is 3-7 times, making each serving extremely economical.

Servings Per Container: 38 to 52 depending on amount of re-steeps.