Interview With Besma From Curiously Conscious

Interview With Besma From Curiously Conscious

25th Nov 2016

Our first interview in our new series is with Besma from the UK, who runs the brilliant Curiously Conscious, a blog for sustainable and healthy living.

I just wanted to start by asking you what made you want to start Curiously Conscious? Has healthy living always been a passion of yours or was there a particular moment which inspired you?

Healthy eating was actually quite a foreign concept to me until I was living and working in Paris as part of my degree. I realised that the food culture there was completely different to the student ‘cuisine’ I was used to – fresh seasonal produce, quick and simple cooking, delicious sauces, and while there was a lot of meat, it was all high quality. I wanted to document the new way of living while I was there, and then continued blogging since moving back to the UK. It’s so great to see the healthy living world explode over here too!

Do you ever have cheat days, or give in to moments where it is not always easy to eat completely healthily? E.g. when you are with friends who may not follow the exact same path as you.

It’s taken me a long time to figure this out, but I don’t believe in restrictions and cheating. While I’m a strict vegetarian going on vegan, I eat according to my body, and aim to always enjoy my food, without feeling guilty for it. Most days I’ll eat raw and plant-based for two of my three meals, and have a treat in there somewhere or other.

What do you look for in a brand, especially those you recommend to your readers?

I only ever collaborate with brands that I would be excited to buy products from outside of my blog. Curiously Conscious is based around my lifestyle, and if something comes along that’s been good for me, chances are others want to hear about it!

What products are you enjoying at the moment?

Recently I’ve been trying a fluoride-free toothpaste with charcoal in it, which has been fun. Imagine black toothpastey froth! Food wise, I’m getting back into maca powder, cacao is a favourite, and I recently introduced my colleagues to matcha green tea which has gone down a treat in the office.

Finally, what are you plans going forward with Curiously Conscious?

I feel like I’m at a crossroads at the moment – there are a few avenues I’d like to explore, with blogger collaborations being a priority. I’d also love to write a wellness column for a publication someday, so we’ll see!

Bemsa’s wellness blog is at