Lion's Mane Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts

9th Nov 2020

Who remembers pleading with your parents before school if, instead of a really healthy breakfast, you could have a pop tart instead? And even if they said no you'd bung them in the toaster anyway when … read more

Chaga chocolate orange brownies

5th Nov 2020

These Paleo and vegan Chocolate Orange Chaga Brownies harness all of the magical powers of the medicinal Chaga mushroom without skimping on taste.Prep Time: 25 minsCook Time: 25 minsTotal Time: 50 min … read more

Adaptogenic Banana Bread Recipe

24th Oct 2020

This delicious banana bread is vegan friendly and created with tonic herbs and mushrooms to upgrade it to the next level.Perfect for the autumn and winter evenings. Let us know how you get on with it. … read more
​Eight Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

​Eight Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

25th Jul 2020

Gut health refers to the balance of the trillions of microorganisms that live in and amongst our gut lining. Many of these bacteria are beneficial and even essential for our physical wellbeing, as the … read more
Schizandra Blueberry Tarts

Schizandra Blueberry Tarts

26th Aug 2019

Ingredients:For Base: 1 cup of walnuts1/2 cup of ground hazelnuts 15 soft, pitted medjool dates1/2 teaspoon of schizandra berry powderFor Filling:1 banana 1 cup of cashews3 tbsp of maple syrup 1/ … read more