Four Fun Ways To Banish The Winter Blues

13th Nov 2017

The days are getting shorter and the skies a little greyer, which means that winter is fast approaching. During these chillier months, our moods and general levels of well-being can take a hit. While … read more

Rhodiola Rosea: What is Rhodiola, Health Benefits, How To Use

10th Sep 2017

Rhodiola Rosea – it’s a plant of many affectionate names, such as the golden root, rose root, Aaron’s rod and orpin rose, and little wonder why it’s well-regarded by so many, as this sweet flowering p … read more
Pink Pitaya Powder Competition

Pink Pitaya Powder Competition

26th May 2017

We're giving away 5 packs of our delicious Pink Pitaya Powder  which can be added to your favourite smoothies, teas and foods. All you need to do is send us a recipe you think would wor … read more

Ginseng: The Ultimate Health Supplement?

18th Jan 2017

As someone who is health conscious, you’re likely forever on the lookout for ingredients and health supplements that can provide for a magical hit of several health benefits at once. With ginseng, tha … read more