Ginseng Powder

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Ginseng Powder

100grams - From 8 Year Ginseng Root

Ginseng is a perennial plant and an adaptogenic herb which is native to some of the colder regions of China, Siberia and America. There are 11 different species of ginseng, with the Asian panax ginseng being one of the most nutritionally potent and popular varieties. Ginseng is made from the roots of the plant, and it is not ready to be used as a medicine until it has matured for a minimum of 6 years.

Prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 2,000 years, Asian ginseng is a much-loved natural supplement that boasts a range of rejuvenating and healing benefits. Our ginseng is sourced from a region in Northeast China which is famed for producing some of the highest quality ginseng in the world. All of our plants are at least 8 years old before the roots are harvested and transformed into a finely-milled powder that is ready to be used.

Health Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng has a range of powerful health benefits. Although it’s most famous for its energy-boosting qualities, research has shown ginseng also displays potent anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It is classed as an adaptogen, which is a type of herb used to help the body better cope with physical, mental and environmental stresses. 

Researchers at the University of Maryland state that "Asian ginseng may improve performance on such things as mental arithmetic, concentration, memory, and other measures”. 

Ginseng in Traditional Chinese Medicine

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, ginseng is viewed as a potent tonic herb that is able to stimulate life force energy (qi) to both rejuvenate and invigorate the body. In Shen Nong’s classic book on herbalism, the Shennong Bencao Jing,ginseng is said to quiet the essence spirit, check fright palpitations, brighten the eyes, open the heart, sharpen the wits, and ultimately prolong life.

Ginseng Nutritional Overview

Many of ginseng's health benefits are due to the presence of ginsenosides, also known as panaxosides. Our high-quality Asian ginseng contains higher amounts of ginsenosides in comparison to both American ginseng and Siberian ginseng. Ginseng is also rich in a range of other active nutritional compounds including saponins, polysaccharides, peptides, B-vitamins, flavonoids, volatile oil and glycans.


Why Choose Our Ginseng?

  • Pure: 100% natural with no chemicals, fillers or additives

  • Potent: Extremely high quality ginseng which is made from eight-year-old roots

  • Vegan: All of our products are vegan-friendly

  • Ready to Use: Simply add to tea, smoothies, juices or foods and enjoy

  • Economical:  Contains around 50-100 servings

How to Use Ginseng

Ginseng root needs to be brewed, stewed and strained in order to turn it into a palatable tea. We transform the ginseng root into a fine powder that is ready to use, so you can save time and simply dissolve it into a mug of warm water to make a tonic tea. If you prefer, ginseng can be blended into smoothies, shakes and juices. It will make a nutritious addition to protein bars and balls, raw chocolates, sauces, dips and more. There are many ginseng recipes for elixir drinks that include the use of other tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms and spices.

Ginseng provides an almost instant pick-me-up, so it’s best to take it in the morning or throughout the day but not just before bed. If it’s your first time taking ginseng supplements, then it’s recommended that you start with a small dose that is less than half a teaspoon in size, and then gradually build up the dose to a full teaspoon per serving if required. It is best to take ginseng for a two to three-week cycle, and then take two weeks off before consuming the supplement again.

Supplement Facts

Ingredients: 100% Pure Ginseng Powder (8 year root)

Other names: Asian Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Panax Ginseng, Oriental Ginseng

Servings Per Pack: 50-100

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  • 5

    Posted by PaulB on 30th Jun 2022

    The best quality ginseng I've ever bought. Great stuff.

  • 5

    Posted by Terry on 20th Apr 2021

    Excellent product very happy with it

  • 5

    Posted by Sonia on 24th May 2020

    This is by far the best quality Ginseng I’ve used it is expensive but you get what you pay for and that’s very true with this product. I’ve used it for fatigue but also notice it’s dealt with my stomach inflammation look forward to trying the Siberian Ginseng.

  • 5
    Ginseng pick-me-up

    Posted by saxonrose on 8th Dec 2019

    Was running really low and heading back into chronic fatigue (due to an extended period of work stress, quitting my job, and selling my flat!).
    Even the magic mushroom powder (1/2tsp daily in coffee) wasn't enough to keep me well like it usually is. I bought this and added 1/4 teaspoon (it tasted a bit strong to start with but I soon got used to it) to my morning warm water with lemon juice and vitamin c. At first i wasn't sure but after 1/3rd of the jar I knew it worked. Colds went away and my health and energy levels improved generally, my circulation improved a bit too (and I am very sedentary with a desk based job) - I even started going out for walks at the weekend again. I recommend this, either by itself or along with other supplements from the Hybrid Herbs range. Everything I have tried from them has worked as promised.

  • 5
    Great Quality And Value for Money!

    Posted by Tim M on 24th Feb 2019

    I have been passionate about Asian Ginseng from the moment I learnt about it from Ron Teeguarden years ago. It's history and legendary benifits are fascinating and from that moment on I was hooked! The only problem is it has been incredibly difficult to get hold of a reliable good source of good quality ginseng in the UK for a very long time. There is apparently a lot of fake ginseng on the market and most real ginseng is very expensive. Ron Teeguarden says that the best quality Panax Ginseng should be a minimum of 8 years old. This way the roots Yin and yang energies have been matured and balanced relieving any risk of over heating from excessive yang. This is one of the only good quality and effectively aged ginsengs I have found in the UK and it is at a great price! It is literally almost half the price of my last supplier! Bought 2 and love it!

  • 5

    Posted by Greg on 21st Jun 2018

    Will keep this short - it works and i feel years younger.