Raw Wild Pine Pollen Powder

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Raw Wild Vegan Pine Pollen Powder

Nature's Miracle Food

99% Crack Cell Wall For Maximum Absorption


Pine Pollen is an incredible superfood, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and health compounds. Our Pine Pollen is the Highest Quality, 99% Cracked Cell Wall. This ensures that the product is over 99% digestible, meaning you absorb all that this Miracle Food has to offer.

What Is Pine Pollen?

Pine Pollen is the male spore of the Pine Tree, and has been used in cultures throughout Asia for thousands of years. The earliest record of its medical use came in Shen Nong's classic herbalism text "The Pandects Of Materia Medica".  Pine Pollen is an incredible superfood that is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and health compounds.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Pine Pollen?

Pine Pollen is often prescribed in China to help immune disorders, fatigue, asthma, and to boost energy and well-being.

Pine Pollen is believed to contain over 200 kinds of nutritional compounds including Vitamins A, B Complex, C, D2 and D3, E, over 8 essential amino acids, zinc, magnesium, enzymes and much more.

Pine Pollen is mostly famous for its effects on the hormonal system. It is often used by men and women alike to balance the hormonal system and rejuvenate the body. 


How Do I Use Pine Pollen?

Our pine pollen is ready to be used, so you can stir it into warm water to make an instant tea, blend it into your smoothies or mix it into juices. Pine pollen can be sprinkled over foods for a new type of seasoning with a nutritious kick. The fine powder can also be blended in with natural creams and oils, and applied topically to help to improve the condition of the skin.


Supplement Facts:

Ingredients: Premium Wild Pine Pollen Powder, 99% Crack Cell Wall

Directions: 1 Teaspoon mixed with your favourite smoothie or foods.

Testimonials (Genuine And Unedited)

Paul Rimmer - Owner Of Nyishar

"I've tried all the good Pine Pollen Powders on the market. I've been using Pine Pollen more frequently & in more ways than anyone I know. I ate a considerable amount of it fresh from the trees throughout last Spring. I most definitely know how to recognise High Grade Pine Pollen.

Now I'm not saying this because Hybrid Herbs are good friends of mine, but in all honesty the Pine Pollen that they are offering is outstanding & the best on the market in my opinion. Fortunately it is more realistically priced than most of the competitors as well.

My family has been using it daily for many months now with incredible results"

Paul is the Managing Director of Nyishar and his Youtube Channel is hugely popular- visit it here



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  • 5
    Pine pollen

    Posted by Yan Thompson on 24th Apr 2022

    It has helped restore my mornings to full glory.

  • 5

    Posted by Monique on 16th Mar 2022

    I have harmone imbalance and it has been really really great help!!!!

  • 5
    Pine pollen

    Posted by Vince on 15th Sep 2021

    Really like this,very fine,so fine that when you open the bag be careful because it will go everywhere,I love it,really gives you a kick of vitamins,I recommend mixing it with shilajit for an extra potent tonic,I will be purchasing both products from this company again.

  • 5
    pine pollen

    Posted by Ruthie on 27th Aug 2021

    I keep buying HH's Pine Pollen. What more to say ...

  • 5

    Posted by Ruth on 24th Jun 2021


  • 5

    Posted by Edinburgh customer on 16th Jan 2021

    Very good stuff.

  • 5
    Pine Pollen

    Posted by Raza Syed on 20th Nov 2020

    Excellent quality product and equally great customer service as always. A very well deserved 5 stars all round.

  • 5
    Pine Pollen

    Posted by Raza Syed on 4th Oct 2020

    Excellent quality product and equally great customer service as always. A very well deserved 5 stars all round.

  • 5
    Raw pine pollen

    Posted by Miguel B on 11th Sep 2020

    Quality pine pollen, can see results already in mood and energy.